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It’s a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon.  You decide to take a nice car ride around this fair state of ours and enjoy a care-free day of leisure when, all of a sudden, your daydream is rudely interrupted by the flash of red and blue lights in your rear view mirror.  That’s right, your lead foot has caused you to be pulled over by one of Rhode Island’s finest.   A short time later, you’re back on your way, but not without being given a ticket for speeding.  Not to worry.  Rhode Island has a nifty law that may allow you to get that ticket dismissed.  Here’s what you need to know…


If you are given a traffic ticket, you may be eligible to have that ticket dismissed based on the Rhode Island Good Driver Statute.  Generally speaking, if you have not had any traffic tickets in the past three years, you could get your traffic ticket dismissed, with court costs.  Parking tickets are not counted as prior offenses.  You simply take your ticket to court with you on your assigned court date, ask the judge if you are eligible for the Good Driver Statute, sign a form, pay your court costs and go home.  Simple.


There are some exceptions to this law, however.  You may not use the Good Driver Statute if you have been cited for certain violations.  Those violations include; refusal to submit to a chemical/breathalyzer test, a violation involving a school bus, any violation involving an accident in which injury or damage to property has resulted, speeding tickets in excess of 14 mph above the posted speed limit, any violation involving child restraints in a motor vehicle and ANY violation by a holder of a commercial driver’s license (CDL). The dismissal will remain on your driving record for a period of three years. 


The Good Driver Statute gives good people with good records a good break. Just remember, once you use it, you have to be violation-free for another three years. In any event, the best way to avoid a ticket is not to get one. Drive safely, watch for others on the road, never drink and drive and obey all of the traffic laws.




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